22 Yapı Tasarım Company undertakes the design and construction in both public  and  private  sectors.
22 Yapı Tasarım believes that its success depends on scientific approach of continuous improvement culture of the quality, environment and occupational health and  safety systems.
We are committed to delivering this service enhancing the quality of human life and with minimal impact to the environment through the following principles and  controlled  manner.
  • Description of “the job” in 22 Yapı Tasarım is performing jobs in an efficient, high quality, sensitive to the nature, safety and healthy way. For those reasons, employees  of 22 Yapı Tasarım are encouraged to adopt “zero accident” aim and the way of life to protect  workers,  visitors,  public,  works  and  the  environment.
  • Rational and creative management approaches in terms of agreements with the client, and in accordance with international standards and the country’s legal  regulations  shall  be  adopted.
  • Safe working area shall be provided for our own staff and the subcontractor’s. It is expected from them to maintain the standards and to make every  effort  to  improvethem.
  • To respect and to prioritize occupational health, safety and environmental rules in the country not only the construction and assembly stages, but in all phases of the project including the design, the mobilization and camp management stages.
  • The system’s performance shall be monitored in a sequential responsibility with regard of occupational health, safety and environmental systems can be developed  with  the  support  of  the  employees.
  • An effective communication line shall be established with all related parties.
  • To ensure the protection of the environment and health, safety and security of the human life such as employees, visitors, public, etc., all necessary resources shall  be  provided.
  • Occupational health, safety and environmental awareness shall be created and  improved  for  all  the  project’s  and  subcontractor’s  staff.
  • Occupational health, safety and environmental risks for all activities shall be identified; measures shall be taken to decrease the risks to an acceptable level.
  • The performance of the occupational health, safety and environmental management system shall be monitored and measured continuously to prevent losses and to protect the environment and health of human life such as employees, visitor, public etc.
  • Starting from the design phase for all undertaken projects the use of the technologies shall be preferred to enable the use of natural resources efficiently and to  produce  less  waste.
  • Waste  recycling  and  reuse  shall  be  encouraged.
  • The methods of works preferred shall be in accordance with the natural life keeping that all activities performed in order to reduce impact on an environment.

All persons fulfilling a management position within the company including Board Members are required to maintain high standards of environmental and occupational health & safety management throughout their responsibility areas.

All employees and subcontractors engaged by the company are required to adhere with the requirements of the Company’s Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management System.

All management systems shall be reviewed at least on an annual basis including this policy statement.

The Board Member gives his full backing to this policy statement and fully supports its effective implementation throughout the business.