22 Yapı Tasarım has been completed various projects both national and international in time and with success by merging industrial experience for  36 years and the application experience that have been provided with  higher  engineering  and  architectural  solutions  that  have  been  produced.
With the eternal belief of innovation and learning and constant development of the material systems, internal dynamics and application methods and with such developed systems executing the applications of the market and the requirements of the technology 22 Yapı Tasarım, by this means adopted the economic and fast solutions  on  the  undertaken  tasks  and  costant  increase  of  the  employer  happiness  as  policy  and  goals.
22 Yapı Tasarım considers happiness of the personel and the added value to the country as a first priority and all employment both local and abroad and high occupational safety culture and the sensitivity on the environmental  management  are merged  to  take  firm  steps  forward  for  a  structuring  in  world  standarts.