22 Yapı Tasarım Company undertakes the design and construction in both public  and  private  sectors.
22 Yapı Tasarım Company is committed to sustainable construction and minimize  any adverse impact on the environment resulting from our business activities.
We are committed to delivering this service in order to protect and enhancing the natural, cultural and built environment, enhancing the quality of life with minimal impact to the environment through the following principles and controlled manner:
  • Preventing  pollution
  • Complying with current legislation and other requirements as applicable to the  company’s  environmental  aspects
  • Implementing an ıntegrated management system
  • Setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets to drive continual environmental  improvement.
  • Providing  materials,  resources  and  additional  personnel  as  appropriate  to  implement  the requirements of this policy statement.
  • Controlling and where reasonably practicable reducing the consumption of raw materials  and  the  production  of  waste.
  • Developing  the  environmental  awareness  of  employees  through  effective education  and  training.
  • Communicating  and  ensuring  that  others  who  work  for  the  company,  such  as sub-contractors, adhere with the company’s environmental policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring environmental awareness of employees through effective education and training.
  • Working closely with clients to ensure that their environmental concerns and requirements  are  incorporated  within  the  company’s  operations.
  • Communicating the content of this policy statement to all employees and contractors and making it freely available to clients and other interested parties.
All persons fulfilling a management position within the company including Director are required to maintain high standards of environmental management throughout their areas of responsibility.
All employees and contractors engaged by the company are required to adhere with the requirements of the company’s Environmental Management System.
All environmental management systems shall be reviewed at least on an annual  basis  including  this  policy  statement.
The Director gives his full backing to this policy statement and fully supports its effective implementation throughout the business.