22 Yapı Tasarım’s main principle in the direction of the company quality purpses and aims- is to provide our Employers with the highest standard of service interms of successful completion of the projects within the stated time and quality. Besides all the units and employees accept the other units and people as their own customer which they get or give services to/from. And with this understanding they create the quality chain.
The Quality Policy of the company is based on the following values;


  • Ensuring customer satisfaction, understanding current and future customer needs, meeting with customer requirements and striving to exceed customer expectations,
  • Operating in accordance with contract requirements as well as relevant regulations and standards,
  • To provide quality engineering, procurement and construction works and services that meets Employers’ requirements,
  • To transfer knowledge and experience generated from completed projects to new projects,
  • Assuring the health and safety of our employees and prevention of injury and occupational illnesses,
  • Preserving and enhancing our corporation’s human resources, financial power, and accumulated  experience.
  • To increase the employees’ technical and personal skills for improving their contributions to the achievement of our goals.
  • To maintain the highest level of cooperation and communication with our Employers, business  partners  and  other  interested  parties
  • To improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • 22 Yapı Tasarım members, at all levels, are the essence of 22 Yapı Tasarım organizationand their full involvement enables the usage of their abilities for 22 Yapı Tasarım’s quality achievement.